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Why did we create Karmasoft?

The overwhelming problem with software that wasn’t designed with studio owners and managers in mind is that it focuses on form rather than function. As a result you, the studio owner or manager, end up frustrated with a slow and complicated system.

You know what you want from an Online Studio Management (OSM) software: a system that connects you with your students at the speed of conversation. A system that loops your business into your clients social media circle, broadening your exposure.

That’s why we created Karmasoft, the only OSM software designed to work the way you work.

Self funded and growing fast

Karmasoft started as a personal project. We wanted a simple, user friendly software to run our yoga studio. Roody coded the first version of Karmasoft at the Insomnia cafe in LA between the hours of 10pm – 1am while he was at Bikram’s yoga teacher training. It was only available for PC but the idea caught on.

Over the years he sold and gave away the PC version of Karmasoft to friends and other yoga studio owners. When Roody opened his second yoga studio in South Park Slope Brooklyn, he decided to reboot Karamsoft as a modern web-based system and make it available to a wider audience. He enlisted Dima as CTO who helped to make Karmasoft web reboot a reality. Within a year, we had enough customers to keep us afloat.

We love yoga studios and the amazing people who work so hard to bring yoga to their community. We spend our time practicing yoga, listening to our customers and improving Karmasoft.

Our Executive team

Roody Senecal

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Roody first trained as an engineer and software developer, working for companies such as Karp Associates and Estee Lauder. He later purchased a manufacturing company and worked as a manufacturing consultant. He was introduced to yoga by his wife Jessica on their second date. It wasn’t hot enough (the yoga that is, you’ll have to ask Jessica about the date.) But then he discovered Bikram and with this method the heat he had been missing since he landed at JFK all those years ago.

He and Jessica opened their first Bikram yoga studio after the birth of their second child. And they still have hot dates.

Dima Berastau

Chief Technical Officer

Dima has been involved in all aspects of sotware development for over 15 years. While he has started his career with big businesses such as SAP and RIM he has quickly gravitated towards start-ups where his ability to adapt and take on whatever technical challenges laid ahead could make a real difference.

Currently his focus is on Ruby on Rails and iOS Applications but his experience spans a wide range of technologies, languagues and platforms. His forté is taking a concept from idea to a fully working web/mobile product.

Carly Miller

VP, Marketing

Carly's passions include creative writing and yoga so it's only natural that she found herself responsible for marketing at Karmasoft.

Slava Kravchenko

Head of Engineering

Slava splits his time between working on Knowledge Representation, Semantic Web and Karmasoft. His skills range from Ruby to Haskell and everything in between.

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