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Email Marketing

With Karmasoft’s email marketing tools, it's easy to send targeted emails that look great on any device, without being an HTML wizard.

Send direct offers to specific subsections of your client base, complete with ‘buy now’ links to products, workshops, and classes.

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Automatic Notifications

Boost student retention by setting up automated emails to alert clients when their membership or package is nearing the expiry date.

Welcome letters, absent messages, expiry notices, birthdays and anniversaries are all opportunities to re-engage your clients.

We can help you convert these communications into sales, with market-tested email templates that look great on any device.

Actionable Reports

Reports are a great tool for taking the pulse of your business. With Karmasoft you get more: All marketing reports double as targeted email campaigns.

Connect at the speed of thought, send a quick email from any marketing campaign. Absolutely no need to export and re-import data, ever.

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Free Integrations

Integrate and customize your schedule, store, workshops and staff bios with a full suite of options from simple iframe to full JSON -- all free of charge.

Your clients can book online, buy from your store, and view your class schedule, without costly third-party tools.

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Getting started is easy, with tools to simplify your studio operations and a support team that’s committed to helping you every step of the way.

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