Keep track of your studio performance

with actionable reports to improve your studio metrics

Sales Reports

Detailed and flexible sales reports. View sales report by date, product, workshop, coupon and more.

Toggle between quantity and amount. Export data to a CSV or Microsoft Excel compatible format.

Reports graph sales
Reports graph marketing

Marketing Reports

Every Karmasoft marketing report doubles as an email campaign.

With one click, you can send an email with calls-to-action and ‘buy now’ buttons that link to your shopping cart.

Payroll Reports

Create clear, exportable payroll reports for your teachers, staff members, and guest instructors.

Set payroll based on attendance, fixed rate per class or per student, or both.

Export all data cleanly to a CSV file.

Reports payroll
Reports analysis attendance

Analysis & Inventory

Track your inventory and create promotions that reward your big spenders.

Monitor attendance by class, instructor and postal code.

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Getting started is easy, with tools to simplify your studio operations and a support team that’s committed to helping you every step of the way.

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